Do you know who is talking about you?

We search the internet searching for your brand(s) and your competitors and we give you insight into which websites are talking about you.

Find new marketing oppurtunties.

We can tell you which websites are relevant to you and help you find new marketing oppurtunties.

Track your competitors

Follow your competitors, see who is talking about them. Learn their marketing strategies.

Manage your reputation.

Find where people might be discussing your brand(s) negatively and react to it.


Find new markets

Find the bloggers, influencers & reviewers working with competitors

Finding out who your competitors are working with for their marketing plans can help you breed new oppurtunties as well as keeping tabds on their activity.

Influencers & bloggers are used by your competitors to publiscie your competitors products, we find those people and websites so you can work with them.

This can help you discover new markets and key influential people within your industry that might not have heard about.

Track & find your competitors

Track compeititor divergence and find who's new

Keeping watch on your competitor's is crucial in modern day business. They can be used as an early indicator to shifts in the industry or create ideas for new markets.

We will help you identify if your competitors are diverging their business and if they are expanding into new markets, this can help you expand upon your portfolio and product development.

Nobody likes surprises which is why we will help identify new & possible competitors. The earlier you discover a competitor the quicker you can respond to their new approach to your business model.

What you get with our brand discovery

Go large, go small, our stable cloud based infrastructure is ready for you.

No limit to the amount of data you can collect
Unlimited number of web pages searched
Limitless keywords & brands
Data updates hourly
Find your brands, and your competitors
Use different brand aliases
Look for references to your brand websites
Look for competitor keywords, brands
Use search engine keywords to discover topics
Use common keywords to seed data with SERP's
Use any related keyword to find websites
Use the same keywords your customers do
Simplified relationship management
Track webdsites you have relationships with
Keep notes against websites, hide irellevant ones
Download your data in any format
Data available in XLSX or CSV
Send your data to email or access from our reporting dashboard
Track progress over time
Compare brand visiblity over time
Measure you and your competitor's growth over time

Manage everything in one place

Manage your existing relationships, update on new ones and discover new sites in one place

  • Track any influencer websites you have relationships with
  • Keep track on websites you've reached out to
  • View historical trends and changes over time
  • Access for you and more team

Our reporting & management dashboard allows your entire team to have access anywhere. Mobile, desktop & iPad/tablet compatible.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any question not answered below, contact us.

Our systems do not collect data from social platforms at this moment in time.

No, you can gather as much data as you need.

Once our systems have started, results being to appear almost instantly and refresh every hour after that.

Search engines are one of the tools we use to bring in websites. Your customers use search engines to discover the information they want so search engines are providing relvant websites to your industry. These websites are the ones your customers see so we can analyise them and tell you both your exposure and your competitor exposure.

Got any other questions about the data collection services we offer? Don't hesitate to contact us; we'd be happy to help!