Data for business intelligence

We collect, analyise and provide large scale data sets. Supporting business intelegence, competitor analsys and many other areas.

Manage your suppliers.

Gather stock and pricing information from your supply chain, and look for new opportunities.

Keep an eye on your competitors.

Collect pricing, news and data from your competitors, without spending hours searching.

Research your industry.

Source valuable data sets and statistics from blogs and research sites, ready to transform into actionable insights.

 data collection image

Find new markets

Grow your business with market research

Market research is essential for all businesses. It not only helps you understand your customers better but can give you valuable insight into your competitors.

Despite being so valuable, collecting and verifying datasets can be a challenge. It can take your team hours to gather data, and human error may mean the data you use may not be 100% accurate.

With SVRZ.IO, data is automatically collected for you, meaning all you have to do is download and action it.

Reduce business costs.

Make better business decisions

Regularly keeping up to date with your supplier data means you can respond quickly to price demands. If your supplier raises the price of an item, you might be risking your profits.

Are your competitors undercutting you? Watching your competitors and their pricing allows you to track where you need to reduce or increase prices to remain competitive.

Knowing which areas of your business are priced differently lets you remain competitive with other customers and even negotiate preferential pricing with your suppliers.

SVRZ.IO lets us access our competitor's prices and the deals they offer. Not only do we get weekly reports, but SVRZ.IO automatically converts prices into our currency, making it easy to see how we compare

What you get with our data collection and reporting service

Our dedicated infrastructure can cater to your specific data requirements, no matter how many data sets you need.

No limit to the amount of data you can collect
Unlimited data gathering
Collect data from as many different sources as you need
Target different countries
Obtain data from different countries and geo-locations
Automatically convert prices to your own currency
Create additional data as needed
Data is automatically cleaned and verified, ready for you to use
Customised calculations and conversions as needed
Download your data in any format
Data available in XLSX, CSV and SQL format
Send your data to email or access from our reporting dashboard
Scheduled data updates
Update your data on a weekly or monthly basis
We'll let you know when data is ready to view
Historical reports available
View the latest and previous versions of your reports
All reports available at any time

Introducing our reporting dashboard

All your data and spreadsheets, in one place. Access your important reports and download as required.

  • Download the latest and historical versions of your data sets
  • Download any report from any time period – no reports deleted ever
  • Have as many logins as you need, and restrict access to certain sections
  • API integration means you can view data on your own platform

Our reporting & management dashboard allows your entire team to have access anywhere. Mobile, desktop & iPad/tablet compatible.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any question not answered below, contact us.

Our systems do not collect data from social platforms at this moment in time.

No, you can gather as much data as you need. However, bear in mind that larger data sets will take longer to obtain.

It depends on the amount of data that needs to be collected, sorted and verified. Larger data sets can take two weeks to process, but smaller ones won't take as long.

You can access your data sets from the control panel, and you can have them emailed to you as well.

Got any other questions about the data collection services we offer? Don't hesitate to contact us; we'd be happy to help!