Realtime monitoring & alerts on Telegram

Telegram data provision and monitoring

Monitor brand mentions, receive relevant reports and analyse customer mood – all in one comprehensive and fully-managed package.

Monitor public groups and channels.

Save time having to read thousands of messages

Use your own account.

SVRZ.IO plugs into your existing Telegram account for ease of use.

Custom data provision.

We will find the data you need and provide it in the format you want it in

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Why use Telegram?

Telegram is the messaging service of choice for over 500 million monthly active users worldwide.

With the ability to send any file type, functionality for large groups and secret chat, it's easy to see why Telegram is so popular with businesses and customers alike.

Businesses across various industries, including cryptocurrencies, affiliate marketing, event management, and casinos, use Telegram to reach out to their customers.

It's estimated that the typical Telegram user sends about 150 messages a day¹. This means that if you run a business, it can be hard to keep up with all the messages that customers are sending.

¹ Telegram Statistics -

Save time and focus on your customers

The SRVZ.IO platform means your team can work smarter, not harder when it comes to Telegram.

We can monitor Telegram for brand mentions, as well as combinations of words and phrases. We will notify you of these mentions in real-time, by email, Telegram alert, or HTTP call back.

This means you can react to critical messages without spending hours refreshing your feed.

"We have a lot of Telegram channels to monitor, and it was taking our team hours to check every single one for brand mentions. SVRZ.IO has reduced the time we need to spend in Telegram, meaning we can manage our clients' time much more efficiently."

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Telegram at a glance

& the significance of it

Launched in 2014, Telegram has over 500 million active users globally and is constantly in the top 10 downloaded apps.


Million active users

Top 10

Constantly a top 10 downloaded app


Different languages Telegram is available in


Billion users by 2022

What you get with our Telegram monitoring service

Our Telegram monitoring service comes with all the features below, with no addons required to purchase. The price you see is the price you pay.

Automated message monitoring
Automatic notification of all your brand keywords
Monitor other keywords such as swearing, competitor mentions and illegal terms/span>
Realtime monitoring and notifications
Messages analysed in real-time – no delays
Scheduled and real-time notifications/reporting
Customised reporting
Custom reports generated for your specific business requirements
See how many times your keywords are mentioned
Access to our reporting dashboard
Access to every single message and report
Download any report from any time period
Unlimited messaging
No cap on the number of messages reported
Restricted only to Telegram account limits
Data at your fingertips
Download all data in spreadsheet format
Custom integrations available

Machine learning and Telegram

We use machine learning to add extra value to our service, meaning you get lots of additional reporting functionality.

All these features are available as part of the monitoring package; just ask us to enable them for you.

Sentiment analysis
Determine whether brand mentions are positive or negative
See if people's moods are changing
Image analysis
See if images are safe or if they contain adult material?
See if images include objects or people
Language identification
Identify what language messages are in/span>
Translate messages to English

Introducing our reporting dashboard

All your messages and reports, in one place. Save hours looking for reports and scrolling through Telegram to find specific messages.

  • Every message and report from Telegram is viewable in the dashboard
  • Download any report from any time period
  • Have as many logins as you need, and restrict access to certain sections
  • API integration means you can view reports on your own platform
Dashboard screenshot of platform

Our reporting & management dashboard allows your entire team to have access anywhere. Mobile, desktop & iPad/tablet compatible.

One monitoring platform. Access for all

Flexible pricing. Zero set-up fees. All the functionality above.

What's included

One Telegram account
Customised reporting
Access to the reporting dashboard
All groups, channels and chats
Prices start from
per month
Contact us

Frequently asked questions about our Telegram monitoring and reporting service

If you have any question not answered below, contact us.

We'll provide you with a dashboard that lets you subscribe to Telegram channels and groups of your choice when you sign up. We'll then monitor messages in these channels and groups for you based on a set of pre-configured criteria.

We can set an account up for you, but if you already have one in place, you can use it for monitoring purposes if you like. Bear in mind that our team will process any messages exchanged in your account, so you may prefer not to use your personal account.

Messages are typically processed and analysed within five seconds of sending a message.
Of course, we love a challenge! Just let us know what you are after, and we will see if we can offer it to you.

Got any other questions? Don't hesitate to get in touch with us; we'd be happy to help!