Web page monitoring and link detection

Watch web pages for changes

Keep an eye on your competitors and get ahead of the curve - our web page monitoring and link detection services will keep you up to date.

Monitor the latest news.

Get an update when a new article or press release goes live

Stay up to date with your competitors.

Watch your competitors' websites for new product launches and contract wins.

Get the latest research.

Monitor as many web pages and links as you like for updates and revisions.

We watch websites for changes, even when you can't

The international news cycle never sleeps, with press releases and page updates happening 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

This can make keeping tabs on your news sources difficult to manage and time-intensive.

With SVRZ.IO, we do the hard work for you, watching your chosen web pages and letting you know if any changes have been made.

"We need to monitor hundreds of websites, many of which publish updates in the evenings, early mornings and weekends. SVRZ.IO looks after our monitoring needs, meaning we get a desktop notification every time a web page changes"


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Checks on webpages

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What you get with our web page monitoring and link detection service

Track your competitors and be the first to get the breaking news with our bespoke monitoring system.

Monitor as many web pages as you need
Detect new links as soon as they appear
Be alerted when web content changes
Target different countries
Monitor websites in other countries
No geographic restrictions
Analyse links for custom indicators
Search for the phrase or value of your choice
Filter out any irrelevant links
Access through our custom dashboard
View all links and reports
Configure and manage all users
Get desktop alerts
Receive real-time notifications through our desktop app
Available on both Mac and Windows
Custom access for everyone
Set up notification alerts for as many team members as you need
Bespoke notifications for each user

Reporting Dashboard

All your alerts and information, in one place. Access your important reports and download as required.

  • Every message and report viewable in your dashboard
  • Download any report from any time period – we don't delete anything, ever
  • Have as many logins as you need, and restrict access to certain sections
  • API integration means you can view data on your own platform

Our reporting & management dashboard allows your entire team to have access anywhere.

Frequently asked questions about our web page monitoring and alerts service

If you have any question not answered below, contact us.

Yes, you can receive alerts when a certain piece of text is found within the link itself, link text or both.

It depends. We can check pages at the frequency you want, or use our smart technology to decide the right frequency.

Yes, you can. You can choose which sites to receive email notifications for in your dashboard.

Yes – we have an API which means we can seamlessly incorporate our web notification technology into your platform of choice.

Yes. When a new link is found, it can be sent for analysis and if a matching word, phrase or number is found, we can alert you to it. We do not recommend this if you have particular time sensitivity.

Yes – we can analyse the text within these documents and let you know if there are any changes. However, please bear in mind that if a PDF document has been scanned in and is image-based rather than text-based, we won't be able to monitor it.

Got any other questions about the web page monitoring services we offer? Don't hesitate to contact us; we'd be happy to help!